Using Beamer or other service

Changelog providers

Using with Beamer

In order to use Obeatow with Beamer, change your Beamer website script configuration to include the following:
selector : "#changelog",
button: false
It should look like this when done:
var beamer_config = {
product_id : 'rftgyhuijhuygtfrdtfgyhu',
selector : '#changelog',
button: false
<script type="text/javascript" src="" defer="defer"></script>
Make sure the selector is set to "changelog".

Using other providers

You can take the same approach with other services like Announcekit, etc. Just make sure to include the "changelog" selector

Chat providers

Using with Intercom

To use Obeatow with Intercom, you have two options.
Setup within the Obeatow widget:
To set up a link inside the Obeatow widget you will need to create a custom launcher which is essentially what the Beamer configuration entails.
window.intercomSettings = {
app_id: "YOUR_APP_ID",
custom_launcher_selector: '#clink'
Make sure to set the "clink" selector to include inside Obeatow.
Setup Intercom Messenger integration
You can also set up our widget as an Intercom component, but keep these limitations in mind.

Using with Hubspot

No configuration is needed for Hubspot chat.

Other providers

Any chat provider offering a custom launcher option will work as long as you specify "clink" selector as the launcher.